AMK reduces wiring in half

AMK reduces wiring in half
Venerdì, 06 Febbraio 2015

(pressebox) (Kirchheim/Teck, 09.01.2014) Two become one: in the future AMK will also offer its DYNASYN synchronous servo motors in a single-cable version. With this version, the servo specialists from Kircheim/Teck, Germany, are cutting the cabling and installation effort for machine construction practically in half. The new wiring technology is tailor-made for motor feedback systems with Hiperface DSL. This new development combines the voltage supply and the digital encoder signal on one cable. As a result, the encoder cable required up to now, along with its installation, can be eliminated completely. Other advantages of the single-cable wiring technology result from reductions in mass. Having fewer cables expands the options for space-saving machine designs because slimmer cable ducts are possible. The weight reduction also affects mobile cable handlers, in particular, in the form of reduced intrinsic mass, which ultimately leads to lower motor ratings and higher energy efficiency - especially during constant reversing of positioning applications. The new fully-digital Hiperface DSL motor feedback interface is available in the AMKASYN KE/KW central inverter system in conjunction with the KW-R26 controller card. AMK also views this as advanced technology, because it saves space, connectors, and installation effort and also affords more possibilities for machine construction. Besides the digitally modulated feedback signals, the data of other sensors, such as sensors for monitoring winding temperatures, can be transmitted via the feedback protocol. Another advantage: from the vantage point of Functional Safety, Hiperface DSL is certified for applications up to SIL 3 or Performance Level e.

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