Faulhaber micromotors in surgical robot

Faulhaber micromotors in surgical robot
Dicembre 2014

The minimally invasive telesurgery systems are the last frontier of robotics applied to surgery on humans.
The need to operate on the patient through micro incisions demands accuracy, high performance and reliability. The complexity of medical operations on humans and minimally invasive surgery represent a significant improvement for both the patient and for the operating doctors.
Optimising costs and performance requires operational instruments that must meet exactly the requirements of flexibility, repeatability and ergonomics. The movements of the surgeon must be replicated in an extremely secure and guaranteed manner, reducing the risk of the human factor.
The brushless FAULHABER micro motors are used because of their high power density in a very small size, as well as the electronic switching system that ensures compliance with the requirements for electromagnetic compatibility essential in the medical field. Ironless technology allows high efficiency, low power consumption and contained operating temperatures.
The offer is completed by the FAULHABER micro precision gearboxes that provide high torque transmission with compact dimensions and the degree of precision and repeatability necessary for final positioning of the working tool. The operating range of the motors is from -30 to + 125 ° C. They are also available in a sterilisable version that complies with the standards of medical requirements.
Leading manufacturers of surgical robots have implemented FAULHABER micro motors in their devices for solving difficult to solve application problems.
Two brushless micro motor with integrated analogue feedback 1226A012B-K1855 coupled to gearboxes 12/4 64: 1 to perform rotational movements are used in the instruments articulated by the robot. This is achieved through very high dynamic positioning by the motion controller MCBL3003CK-Y2558-4226.
A precious metal brushed micro motor 2232U018SR is integrated in the mobile devices of the robot because of the excellent compromise between torque and size in this particular coupling. The integrated magnetic encoder IE2 with 512 pulses and the precision gear 20/1 3.71: 1 guarantees high precision mechanics and the high positioning repeatability required by the application.
The FAULHABER motion controller for micro motors in DC MCDC3003 P CF manages the axis. The communication protocol is CAN Open with which position, speed and torque commands are transmitted. The miniaturised controllers and the drives dedicated to these geared motors are an essential part of the success of the implementation.

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