Master EtherCAT XGF-M32

Master EtherCAT  XGF-M32
Dicembre 2014

LSIS presents the new Master EtherCAT XGF-M32 in the context of control systems
The module, with reduced size, can be managed with all LSIS series plc, as it is equipped with an electronic control unit of its own. Among the main features is the ability to control 32 axes with CoE profile and I/O modules. Two channel encoders are also available on-board, with line drive input or open collector functions and digital signal input/output for various applications.
The centralisation / decentralisation mixed philosophy of LSIS allows more XGF-M32 modules to be used on one same rack, even with reduced power plc.
Function blocks, compatible with the Plc Open IEC 61131-3 standard, program and manage the drive. All the main functions related to interpolation of trajectories, single or multiple axis, are managed within the XGF-M32 control using a multitasking system.
The XG-PM configuration tool allows the preparation and development of cam profiles for the different kinematics and dynamics linked to the processes of the machine. In addition the entire cycle or parts of it can be verified without writing code within the control thus simplifying start-up times.

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