Elmo Gold Whistle

Elmo Gold Whistle
Dicembre 2014

The compact nature of the medical apparatus means that they require reduced size electronics with a maximum reduction in the wiring necessary for their operation. High-performance machines also rely on devices with high power density, combining a standard communication channel that allows easy integration into existing systems.
The Gold Whistle digital drive by Elmo is the appropriate instrument for the needs of this market thanks to its compact size (55 x 46 x 15 mm), the ease of integration, high performance (Advanced filtering and gain scheduling) and the use of the most common communication bus (EtherCAT).
Elmo offers solutions for easy integration of proprietary and customised electronic cards. A second suggestion for using Whistle is by means of a small interface with compact connectors. Finally, for those who prefer "protected" solutions, Elmo Motion Control offers "DC Whistle" seamless integration of Whistle in an industrial box, complete with a dissipating plate. All Elmo offers have the common objective of preventing the use of fans for heat dissipation.

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