Zettlex announces launch of 58mm encoder


Mini incOders Zettlex per ambienti ostili ⌀37/58mm
Merocledì, 31 Agosto 2016

Global sensors company, Zettlex, has announced the launch of a 58mm variant to its market leading IncOder range of encoders.

Zettlex IncOders allow precision measurement of angle or angular speed in harsh environments where traditional optical or capacitive devices might prove unreliable.

IncOders offer design engineers an easy way to achieve measurement precision since tightly toleranced installation is not needed and there are no bearings to align.

The IncOder range has more than 100 million product options, allowing engineers to configure a position sensor to their exac   t requirements. The range includes a wide choice of sizes (37mm up to 300mm diameter), mechanical formats, resolution options, communications interface options, as well as connection and voltage options.

Mark Howard, Zettlex Managing Director, comments: “There are a number of well documented problems that make traditional position sensors unsuitable for some applications. Notably, optical and capacitive sensors are not tolerant to foreign matter – particularly condensation. It is pleasing to see that our IncOder range is being trusted in some very challenging applications around the world and is now established as the market leader for measuring position in tough environments.”

Darran Kreit, Zettlex Technical Manager, comments: “We are pleased to announce the launch of the 58mm IncOder. We invest heavily in R&D to ensure that we can continue to bring new products to market on a regular basis.”

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