Slip Rings per Turbine Eoliche IP65

Slip Rings per Turbine Eoliche IP65
Lunedì, 20 Febbraio 2017

As the need to generate renewable forms of energy becomes more and more pressing, wind turbines offer one of the most promising solutions as a source of green power — indeed production is expected to grow by 30% per annum in the foreseeable future.

The construction of a wind turbine dictates that power and electrical control signals need to be transferred from the tower, anchored in the soil, to the nacelle at the top. This is done by means of slip rings.
The experience acquired by Servotecnica in this sector has led to the development of increasingly targeted solutions, designed specifically for this type of use.

  • Slip ring electrical rotary joints of the SVTS E serieshave an outer structure guaranteeing:
  • Mechanical stability — with different types of anti-rotation available
  • Protection against electromagnetic interference — thanks to the materials employed
  • Stable performance in the face of varying ambient temperature
  • Enclosure rating IP65

The distinguishing feature of Servotecnica slip rings is the innovative system adopted for manufacturing the brushes. The usual method is the adoption of carbon brushes, which bring the drawbacks of lubricants, bulky dimensions, rapid wear, and scheduled maintenance needed to remove the carbon dust generated by wear on the brushes, which can cause electrical signals to deteriorate.

Servotecnica slip rings feature fibre bundle technology using precious metals, which means no lubricants, a more compact assembly, no need for routine servicing and, moreover, no need for preventive maintenance, by virtue of the fact that brush wear is minimal and the amount of debris generated practically negligible.

Another key factor helping to improve signal quality is the actual structure of the brushes: the points of contact are proportionate to the number of fibres utilized, and can be as many as 10, each fibre establishing an individual contact.
A further plus point of this superior technology is the capacity to withstand transient overloads, generally around twice higher than those that can be handled by slip rings with carbon brushes.

An encoder ensures accurate positional feedback, and wires can be routed out either directly, or using a connector with enclosure rating IP65.

  • SVTS E Series - Slip Ring IP65 per Turbine Eoliche
  • SVTS E Series - Slip Ring IP65 per Turbine Eoliche

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