Slip rings: 3 things we do better!

Slip rings: 3 things we do better!
Giovedì, 14 Aprile 2016


The wide range and quality of our products come from a 30+ years relentless pursuit of perfection, seeking to obtain your satisfaction.

What we have in mind thinking of Servotecnica is not just a brand but a Time; the time where the best rotary joint factories in the world cooperate through our expertise in creating solutions tailored made on your specific needs. Right that time our combined solutions get made.

We are able to combine: electric (power, signal and fieldbus), fluidic (air, water, oil and gas) and fibre optic (high data-rate) transmissions.


We have always focused our efforts on technological innovation and know-how because we believe that investing on knowledge always pay back.

Support and efficiency of our technical team are the heart and soul of our solutions.


We have constantly optimised our processes over the years to get the best quality at the most competitive price on the market. How? Our technical team approach starts from a thorough analysis of your application to find out the best solution, stripped down to its bare essentials and heavily weighted in favour of the key features that make your application unique in price and performance.

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