New Linear Micromotor LM 1483

New Linear Micromotor LM 1483
Lunedì, 15 Gennaio 2018

The Right Solution for each Linear Motion Application

FAULHABER has extended the successful Linear DC-Servomotor product family with the new LM 1483. The new LM 1483, with a continuous force of 6.2 N and a peak force up to 18.4 N, fits perfectly in to the current portfolio of FAULHABER Linear DC-Servomotors, and gives the customer a complete performance range with continuous force from 1.02 N to 9.2 N and a peak force from 2.74 N up to 27.6 N.

As for the other models in this family, the new LM 1483 combines highly dynamic motion (acceleration up to 220 m/s2) with high precision and repeatability (down to 120 µm and 40 µm respectively).

micro motore lineare faulhaber lm 1483

The LM 1483 measures 14 x 20 x 83 mm with a 6 mm diameter rod, it is available with different stroke lengths ranging from 20 to 80 mm. In addition, the stainless steel rod has welded end caps which provide a robust and reliable interface to the application.

micro motore lineare faulhaber lm 1483

Thanks to its three integrated linear Hall sensors, the -11 version can easily be combined with FAULHABER Motion Controllers such the new FAULHABER MC 5004 and MC 5005 as well as the FAULHABER MCLM 300x. For sin/cos output, the -12 version is also available.

micro motore lineare faulhaber lm 1483

FAULHABER Linear DC-Servomotors are a unique solution for small and micro linear motion applications. They combine the dynamic motion performance and robust design typical of a pneumatic system with the high reliability and silence of a brushless motor. Applications include pick-and-place solutions where highly dynamic positioning are required; long life time (millions of cycles) grants high reliability and low maintenance in any complex system such as medical devices, optics, and instrumentation.

FAULHABER specializes in the development, production and application of high-precision small and miniaturized drive systems, servo components and drive electronics with an output power of up to 200 Watts. The product range includes brushless motors, DC micromotors, stepper motors, encoders, gearheads, and drive electronics. In addition, FAULHABER also offers completely solutions for, among others, medical technology, automatic placement machinery, precision optics, telecommunications, aerospace and robotics. FAULHABER has more than 1,900 employees worldwide.

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