Motore Lineare con Uscita Cavi alternativa

Motore Lineare con Uscita Cavi alternativa
Martedì, 04 Luglio 2017
So far the UC3 was only available with a side cable exit. The UC3 is now also available with a cable in travel direction. The UC3 inline does not differ from its twin in terms of technical data, but the power cable is run in the direction of travel and not on the side. As a result, there is a greater flexibility of design. The space required can be reduced above or on the side of the yoke (depending on the type of mounting) and can be made even narrower.

Motore Lineare con uscita cavo in linea - Tecnotion

The length, with 34 mm, and performance of the coil unit remains the same. As does the use of a highly flexible cable, with (depending on bending radius, velocity and acceleration.) a minimum cable life of 15,000,000 cycles.  Weighing in at just a few grams, this versatile, compact and affordable motor is still able to sustain a continuous force of 10 or 20N and a peak force of 36N. Download the leaflet with all specs.

Motore Lineare uscita cavo - Tecnotion

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