MIS NEMA 17-43 certificato TÜV STO SIL3 / PLe


Safety Torque Off per Motore Passo Passo approvato dal TUV - JVL
Martedì, 04 Dicembre 2018
The STO Function can be used for disabling the energy to the motor. The motor will thereby be set in a state where it produces no torque.
The STO function has its own input connector mounted at the front of the motor.

It is a two-input system and it is required that both inputs are activated (applied with a voltage) before the motor is energized and can operate normally.

The STO is available for all ServoStep products.

certificato STO per motore stepper

Safety standards IEC 61508-1:2010 IEC 61508-2:2010 IEC 61800-5-2:2016 IEC 62061: 2015 ISO 13849-1:2015 ISO 13849-2:2012
 SFF (%) 96
 PFHd (1/h) 1.38e-10
MTTFd (yrs/channel)  854
 DC (%)  96
 Cat.  3
SC 3
CCF 75
Lifetime (yrs) 20


European directives

Machinery Directive (2006/42/EC) 

EN ISO 13849-1/2

EN IEC 62061 

EN IEC 61800-5-2 

EMC Directive (2014/30/EU) 

EN 61000-6-3 

EN 61800-3 

Low Voltage Directive (2014/35/EU) 

EN 61800-5-1

Safety standards 

Safety of Machinery 

EN ISO 13849-1/2, IEC 62061, IEC 60204-1 

Functional Safety

IEC 61508-1/2, IEC 61800-5-2

Safety function 

  IEC 61800-5-2

IEC 60204-1

Safe Torque Off (STO)

Stop Category 0

Safety performance

ISO 13849-1 


Cat 3 

Diagnostic Coverage

DCavg: 98,5 % (Medium) 

Mean Time to Dangerous Failure (per channel)

MTTFd: 100 years (High) 



Performance Level


IEC 61508/IEC 62061 

Safety Integrity Level


Probability of Dangerous Failure per Hour

PFHd: 1,38e-10/h 
(High Demand Mode) 

Diagnostic Coverage

DC: 96 % 

Safe Failure Fraction

SFF: 96 % 

Common Cause Failure Factor

CCF 5 % 

Hardware Fault Tolerance

HFT: 1 (1oo2) 

Proof Test Interval T1

20 Years 

Mission time TM

20 Years 

Reaction time 

Input to output response time

Maximum 8 ms. 

Response time (internal fault)

Maximum 200 ms. 

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