3 grandi piccole novità da Faulhaber: 1727cxr, 2668...CR e 20/1R

3 grandi piccole novità da Faulhaber: 1727cxr, 2668...CR e 20/1R
Venerdì, 04 Dicembre 2015
Addition to CXR series - 1727cxr DC Micromotor

FAULHABER is expanding its range of drives in the medium power range with the new 1727…CXR DC-micromotor, and is adding an extremely compact drive to the CXR series. A powerful neodymium magnet gives the graphite-commutated motor a high power density with a continuous torque of 4.9 mNm. It generates this power in a housing that is just 17 mm in diameter and 27 mm in length. The temperature range in which it can be used is from -30 to +100°C. The CXR series includes DC motors with an extremely attractive price/performance ratio. As with the other drives of this series, the 1727…CXR can be combined with encoders and with precision gearheads from a coordinated product range. It can be optionally actuated with the SC 1801 speed controller or the MCDC 3002 motion controller for speed control or positioning. The compact dimensions of the 1727…CXR and its performance data open up a wide range of potential applications. The motor is ideal for hand instruments in dental technology, for tattooing machines or as a high-performance servo drive in automation and robotics.

More power in your hand - 2669...CR DC Micromotor

The new 2668 … CR DC motor from FAULHABER offers considerably more power than comparable drives, and is the most powerful copper-graphite commutated DC-micromotor in its size class on the market. Thanks to a bigger NdFeB magnet and a high copper content in the winding, it supplies a rated torque of 70 mNm. As a result, it weighs just 189 g with a diameter of 26 mm. Furthermore, it reaches full power extremely quickly with its high pulse torque. The 2668 … CR is thus especially well suited for professional high-performance tools such as pruning shears or motorised screwdrivers. The copper-graphite brushes of the motor are characterised by their outstanding stability and low wear. The housing is made of coated steel. The motor can be combined with high-resolution optical or magnetic encoders. As well as handheld devices, it is also suitable for many other applications such as in aerospace, robotics, medical technology, in special machinery construction, metering systems and automation solutions.

Triple the power - 20/1R Planetary gearhead

FAULHABER in introducing the most powerful power transmission technology in its size class to the market with the new 20/1R planetary gearhead: A diameter of 20 mm allows the stainless steel gearhead to achieve continuous torque of 800 mNm, and up to 1100 mNm for short periods during interval operation. Following intensive development with a comprehensive series of tests, the power output was able to be more than tripled in comparison to previous models. The input speed reaches 12,000 rpm. The 20/1R can be combined with DC, brushless motors and stepper motors with a diameter of 17 to 22 mm. The output shaft of the 20/1R has no axial play thanks to the pretensioned ball bearing. The gearhead is available with one to five stages, and the span of the 16 possible reduction gear ratios ranges from 3.71:1 to 1526:1. There is also a choice between the normal temperature range of -10 to +125°C and a low temperature variant with -45 to +100°C. The typical temperature range for planetary gearheads made from metal is therefore extended considerably. Numerous product variants, including an autoclavable version, makes it easy to adapt to completely different applications. The connection of the new 20/1R planetary gearhead is compatible with its predecessor, the 20/1. When upgrading, the previous gearhead can be replaced with the new model without further changes.

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