Flexible. Fast. Safe.AMKAMAC AIO.


Nuovo sistema I/O - Flessibile. Veloce. Sicuro.
Martedì, 29 Novembre 2016
Flexible. Fast. Safe. AMKAMAC AIO.

The modular design of the AIO I/O system ensures fast commissioning and intuitive handling. Suitable for all AMK systems, you receive reliable I/O modules for easy, fast, and tool-free installation. The “PUSH IN” direct connection system saves time and minimizes errors.

The high-speed system bus reaches up to 256 DI/DOs in 20 μs. AIO features extremely fast response time, fast addressability, and precise mapping of processes in the plant with up to 1024 I/O channels per station as well as large performance reserves for future uses.
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