New Slip Ring with single pneumatic passage

Nuovo Slip Ring con singolo passaggio pneumatico
Venerdì, 25 Novembre 2016

The complexity of modern machinery increasingly requires the use of an Electrical Rotary Joint combined with an air passage, for applications like rotating tables, work centres, in robotics or in cable winding systems.

With the new 0P1 and 0P2 options that can be paired to the SVTS C 05 series, Servotecnica proposes a solution designed to meet these needs. The model is based on the integration of an SVTS C 05 electric rotary joint, inside which there is a single pneumatic rotating passage with 6 or 10mm quick coupling that can withstand pressures of 1 MPa - that is, 10 Bar - and speeds up to 300 rpm. 

Top performance is ensured by attention to detail. These slip rings are built with metal-metal technology, that is, with brushes and rings covered in a layer of silver alloy; this allows disturbance-free electrical signals to be transmitted, ensuring ring duration of up to 108 revolutions without maintenance. The number of electrical circuits goes from a minimum of 6 up to a maximum of 24 with a capacity of up to 15 A and voltages of 600 VAC/VDC. Three versions of protection are available: the standard IP51 and 2 others in IP54 and IP65 version.

This solution is directed to anyone looking for a quick and ready solution with minimum delivery times. However, we can develop customised solutions with more circuits or requiring more complex signals like EtherNet or EtherNet/IP fieldbus with bandwidths up to 1 GB/s. We can also customise the pneumatic part with multiple passages, both of air and fluids or mixed.

Servotecnica's technical team is always available to find the best solution in terms of cost and performance that fully meet the needs of our customers.

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