New IP65 Slip Ring for Flow Pack Machines

Nuovi Slip Rings IP65 per Confezionatrici Flow Pack
Lunedì, 28 Novembre 2016

A new family of Electrical Rotary Joints (also called Slip Rings) is now part of the range of solutions that Servotecnica proposes with a particular focus on flow pack packaging machines. The new SVTS B 03 IP65 Slip Ring was designed for a quick and reliable integration on packaging machines and it joins the current SVTS B series.

Thanks to the 3 x 20 A circuits, it is possible to power the resistances of the rotating blades, while the 2 signal circuits guarantee transmission of temperature values detected by the thermal sensors. The use of multifiber brush technology and rings made of precious metal alloy, allow to maintain the electrical characteristics of the circuits while guaranteeing the same results of the SVTS B series.

The through-hole with a 22mm diameter allows this rotating collector to be installed directly on the shaft of the rotating blade, while the mechanical connection is easily obtained through 4 M3 set screws.

The multi-strand contact technology extend the life of the joint to approximately 100 million revolutions. Particular attention was also given to the wiring that takes place by passing the wires through cable glands that are then subsequently connected to the brushes and the rings of the slip ring through threaded terminals; these elements and the addition of a seal (O-Ring) on the rotating shaft, guarantee an IP65 degree of protection to the Slip Ring.

The IP65 SVTS D model was designed to guarantee quick installation and minimum maintenance, all of this with a very competitive price/performance ratio. 

This innovative Slip Ring is therefore the ideal solution where ease of installation, aggressive price, performance, high durability and a high degree of protection are all key points that contribute to the design and sale of a successful application.

  • SVTS D Series - Slip Ring IP65 (aperto) per Macchine Confezioanatrici Flow Pack
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