New IP65 Slip Rings Capsule Series - SVTSA 03 U

Nuovi Slip Rings IP65 Capsule - SVTSA 03 U
Merocledì, 18 Gennaio 2017
The new Servotecnica's Slip Rings with IP65 protection grade, complete the Capsule Slip Ring Series SVTS A.
The option comes in 3 models: SVTS A 01, SVTS A 03 and SVTS A 04.

The SVTS A IP65, is available in 3 to 56 signal circuits - 3 AMP with peak currents up to 2A, or with 6 to 8 power contacts, or even with mixed power/signal contacts.
Thanks to their features, these models are a suitable alternative for harsh environments.

The high quality of the gold-gold technology in both design and materials, allow a close-to-zero electrical noize reduction, avoiding a poor contact betwwen the rotating parts.

The SVTS A has a diameter of just 22mm, allowing a very low peripheral speed of the rings, as a result this trait also increases its lifetime.

Slip Rings ip65 SVTS A 03 U.jpg

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