IncOder - Range extension

IncOder - Range extension
Lunedì, 09 Ottobre 2017
Zettlex is delighted to announce that our IncOder range of inductive angle encoders has today expanded to include 200million product options.

The new options are detailed in an improved IncOder Product Guide Rev 4.11.3 which is now in three parts:-

New product options for IncOder include:-

BiSS-C communications interface – an increasingly popular communications protocol for absolute encoders in industrial applications. BiSS-C is available for all IncOder sizes.

Maxi Range – a new range of large diameter units from 325 to 595mm size.

90mm IncOder –  a 90mm unit included in Midi Range. We are already seeing high demand for this option – particularly from customers looking to replace unreliable capacitive encoders.

High temperature option rated to 105oC in Extended Range as well as new high temperature cables.

High pressure option in Extended Range rated to 4,000psi which is particularly suitable for ROVs and deep-sea equipment.

Long term submersion option in Extended Range suited to underwater and salty atmospheres.

Expanded range of connections – with new options for cable direction in product option RFC11-14.

Mark Howard, Managing Director at Zettlex comments: “We continue to develop and expand our IncOder range and we’ve been putting these new features and designs through field trials with lead customers for the last 12-18 months. We know how important it is for our customers to get a ‘tick in every box’ when choosing an encoder for their project and so we are pleased to formally launch these new product options.”

We have made a number of updates to the Zettlex website to make it easier for our customers to select and buy IncOder. 3D CAD files for the entire IncOder product range can be downloaded from Our Online Shop features a quote generator function that enables users to build and instantly output a formal quotation. Test quantities of 1-5 units can also be purchased directly from the Online Shop at

For further information or to discuss your application, please contact Zettlex or your local representative.
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