Contactless Series


Slip Ring Contactless con tecnologia a induzione
Contactless Series


Spinner contactless rotary joints are available in different geometric configurations, with or without a through hole up to 300 mm. The inductive technology allows Ethernet based real-time fieldbuses of any type (EtherCAT, SERCOS III, Powerlink, Profinet, Ethernet IP, etc.) to be transmitted at up to 1 GB/s with a very low error rate (BER < 1x10-12).

Being highly noise resistant, they are ideal for applications where classic sliding contact technologies are unreliable or cannot be used due to high speeds, small dimensions or large diameter holes (> 40 mm).

The particularly robust design makes the Spinner contactless slip rings ideal for environments where constant performance at a wide range of temperatures or in the presence of strong vibrations and shocks must be ensured.

Operating on layer 1 and 2 they remain totally transparent to the fieldbuses used and behave like an Ethernet cable in a completely transparent way to the end user, ensuring reduced jitter (< 25 ns).

The passage of contactless power supplies of up to 300 W or the integration of some of the power using classic contact technology, and the integration with fibre optic or fluid joints is also possible.

Extra-long life
Low error-rate
Wide through-bore (up to 360mm)
High data-rate 1Gb/s

Technical Spec



  • EtherCAT, SERCOS III, Powerlink, Profinet, EthernetIP
  • Extra Long Life
  • High immunity to interference
  • High speed up to 5000rpm
  • Through bore up to 300mm
  • Low BER <1x10^-12

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