Stepper Micromotors


Micromotori Passo Passo - AM / ADM / FDM


As a result of the use of rare earth permanent magnets, the Precistep stepper motors offer an exceptional relationship between power and volume.

Due to their permanent magnets technology, these Step Motors, with two-phase winding and low inertia, ensure positioning accuracy, high dynamic motion and can be controlled via external electronics in full step, half step or micro-step in order to satisfy the needs of any kind of application.

The use of rare earth magnets at high power density allows the use of stepper micro motors in the range of extreme temperatures, from -35 to   180 ° C for special configurations.


All the Rotary Stepper are available with Precision Gearhead, Linear Screw and Encoder.

Low inertia
High speeds
Diameter: from 6 to 22 mm

Technical Spec



  • Diameters from 6 to 22 mm
  • High power density 20/24 steps lap
  • Positioning without encoder
  • Durable rotation speed up to 16,000 rpm
  • Extended temperature range
  • To be coupled with encoders and gearboxs
  • Precision Versions with linear actuator

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