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Cylindrical Gears


Microingranaggi is a company with 40 successful years of experience in the field of precision mechanics and in particular in the manufacture of pulleys, gears, worms, especially in project design and complete mechanical assemblies, derived from the production of individual components. Microingranaggi's value lies in products derived from in-depth know-how that has been expanded and accumulated in many industrial sectors. Professional development is an ongoing process as is the process of continuous quality improvement that is made possible by special attention to innovation and international reference standards.

Services include design, measurement and construction of special products. A company that pays particular attention not only to the product but also to environmental protection.


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  • Hobbing from 0.10 module to 2.5 module in any material with any heat pr galvanic treatments
  • Outside diameters of min. 2 mm max. 200 mm and length of 140 mm max.
  • Implementation of max. 3 gears synchronised on the same piece, even of different modules, curved teeth
  • Teeth in phase with transverse or axial holes, keyways, milling, floors etc.
  • Possibility of large batch production with automatic feeders
  • Machining tools in plastic, bakelite cloth, sintered and metal bars of all kinds


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Alessandro Gomarasca
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