SVTS A Series - Slip Ring with Optic Fibre

Slip Ring con fibra ottica per applicazioni outdoor
Merocledì, 20 Marzo 2019

Slip rings are used to transfer signals or electrical power from a fixed structure to a mobile one while allowing continuous rotation and thus preventing electrical cables being subjected to mechanical torsion. The standout feature of Servotecnica miniaturised slip rings is that they are lightweight and small, but without compromising their reliability, service life, or the quality of transmission. They have an outer diameter of as little as 5 mm, and can transmit up to 10 different electrical signals using teflon cables with silver alloy plated wires to increase their signal transmission power. The rings and brushes are in a gold alloy for low wear, as well as making them able to transmit even high frequency signals (up to 1 GHz) with complete stability.

To ensure that such a small component is mechanically robust enough for the application, the housing is made in stainless steel. They are also equipped with dual ball bearings to ensure that the brushes and rings are perfectly aligned and minimise resistant torque at speeds up to 100 rpm for smooth operation.

Our slip rings guarantee signal transmission even in very small footprint applications. They are particularly suited to use on robot arms, electric locks and micro cable winders, and offer excellent value for money.

micro slip ring servotecnica

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