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Slip Rings per Turbine Eoliche IP65

Slip Rings per Turbine Eoliche IP65

As the need to generate renewable forms of energy becomes more and more pressing, wind turbines offer one of the most promising solutions as a source of green power — indeed production is expected to grow by 30% per annum in the foreseeable future.

The construction of a wind turbine dictates that power and electrical control signals need to be transferred from the tower, anchored in the soil, to the nacelle at the top. This is done by means of slip rings.
The experience acquired by Servotecnica in this sector has led to the development of increasingly targeted solutions, designed specifically for this type of use.

  • Slip ring electrical rotary joints of the SVTS E serieshave an outer structure guaranteeing:
  • Mechanical stability — with different types of anti-rotation available
  • Protection against electromagnetic interference — thanks to the materials employed
  • Stable performance in the face of varying ambient temperature
  • Enclosure rating IP65

The distinguishing feature of Servotecnica slip rings is the innovative system adopted for manufacturing the brushes. The usual method is the adoption of carbon brushes, which bring the drawbacks of lubricants, bulky dimensions, rapid wear, and scheduled maintenance needed to remove the carbon dust generated by wear on the brushes, which can cause electrical signals to deteriorate.

Servotecnica slip rings feature fibre bundle technology using precious metals, which means no lubricants, a more compact assembly, no need for routine servicing and, moreover, no need for preventive maintenance, by virtue of the fact that brush wear is minimal and the amount of debris generated practically negligible.

Another key factor helping to improve signal quality is the actual structure of the brushes: the points of contact are proportionate to the number of fibres utilized, and can be as many as 10, each fibre establishing an individual contact.
A further plus point of this superior technology is the capacity to withstand transient overloads, generally around twice higher than those that can be handled by slip rings with carbon brushes.

An encoder ensures accurate positional feedback, and wires can be routed out either directly, or using a connector with enclosure rating IP65.

20 Febbraio 2017
Nuovi Slip Rings IP65 per Confezionatrici Flow Pack

New IP65 Slip Ring for Flow Pack Machines

A new family of Electrical Rotary Joints (also called Slip Rings) is now part of the range of solutions that Servotecnica proposes with a particular focus on flow pack packaging machines. The new SVTS D IP65 Slip Ring was designed for a quick and reliable integration on packaging machines and it joins the current SVTS B series.

Thanks to the 3 x 20 A circuits, it is possible to power the resistances of the rotating blades, while the 2 signal circuits guarantee transmission of temperature values detected by the thermal sensors. The use of multifiber brush technology and rings made of precious metal alloy, allow to maintain the electrical characteristics of the circuits while guaranteeing the same results of the SVTS B series.

The through-hole with a 22mm diameter allows this rotating collector to be installed directly on the shaft of the rotating blade, while the mechanical connection is easily obtained through 4 M3 set screws.

The multi-strand contact technology extend the life of the joint to approximately 100 million revolutions. Particular attention was also given to the wiring that takes place by passing the wires through cable glands that are then subsequently connected to the brushes and the rings of the slip ring through threaded terminals; these elements and the addition of a seal (O-Ring) on the rotating shaft, guarantee an IP65 degree of protection to the Slip Ring.

The IP65 SVTS D model was designed to guarantee quick installation and minimum maintenance, all of this with a very competitive price/performance ratio. 

This innovative Slip Ring is therefore the ideal solution where ease of installation, aggressive price, performance, high durability and a high degree of protection are all key points that contribute to the design and sale of a successful application.

28 Novembre 2016
Nuovo Slip Ring con singolo passaggio pneumatico

New Slip Ring with single pneumatic passage

The complexity of modern machinery increasingly requires the use of an Electrical Rotary Joint combined with an air passage, for applications like rotating tables, work centres, in robotics or in cable winding systems.

With the new 0P1 and 0P2 options that can be paired to the SVTS C 05 series, Servotecnica proposes a solution designed to meet these needs. The model is based on the integration of an SVTS C 05 electric rotary joint, inside which there is a single pneumatic rotating passage with 6 or 10mm quick coupling that can withstand pressures of 1 MPa - that is, 10 Bar - and speeds up to 300 rpm. 

Top performance is ensured by attention to detail. These slip rings are built with metal-metal technology, that is, with brushes and rings covered in a layer of silver alloy; this allows disturbance-free electrical signals to be transmitted, ensuring ring duration of up to 108 revolutions without maintenance. The number of electrical circuits goes from a minimum of 6 up to a maximum of 24 with a capacity of up to 15 A and voltages of 600 VAC/VDC. Three versions of protection are available: the standard IP51 and 2 others in IP54 and IP65 version.

This solution is directed to anyone looking for a quick and ready solution with minimum delivery times. However, we can develop customised solutions with more circuits or requiring more complex signals like EtherNet or EtherNet/IP fieldbus with bandwidths up to 1 GB/s. We can also customise the pneumatic part with multiple passages, both of air and fluids or mixed.

Servotecnica's technical team is always available to find the best solution in terms of cost and performance that fully meet the needs of our customers.

25 Novembre 2016
Nuovi Slip Rings - Serie Ethernet

New Slip Rings - Ethernet Series

Our challenge here at Servotecnica is anticipating our customers’ needs and being ready for new requests.
Here are the ready solutions for electrical slip rings that can transfer Ethernet-based protocols like EtherNet/IP, ProfiNet, EtherCAT, Sercos III, PowerLink.
The new generation of SVTS A Series Slip Rings in Capsule version and the new series of SVTS C05 Series slip rings with through-hole are the response to the need to bring these types of transmissions to high frequency rotation. This is made possible by gold-gold technology - using, both for brushes and rings, a coating of the 2 elements in gold and to the special inner structure designed to minimise disturbances and coupling.
Our Slip Rings can operate with 100BaseT or 1000BaseT Ethernet at speeds of 100 MB/s and 1 GB/s, respectively. That's why our slip rings with E1M option use, for the 100 BASE-T solution, two twisted and shielded pairs with category CAT5E cables while, with the E1G option for Gigabit Ethernet transmissions, they use four twisted and shielded pairs in category CAT6A.
Thanks to the gold-gold technology, we can provide both digital and analogue signal circuits as well as power circuits in the same slip ring. There are up to 56 circuits in the SVTS A Series with 2, 6 and 8A currents and with voltages up to 240 VDC/AC. Being very small in diameter, they have a life of around 107 revolutions.
The SVTS C05 Series has a 38.1 mm through-hole with the opportunity to reach up to 48 2A signal circuits and 15A for power circuits, with voltages up to 600 VDC/AC; multi-strand brush technology also allows for a duration of around 8x107 revolutions.
The customisation possibilities are countless, from cable length to IP51 degree of protection up to IP65 or even IP67, from the ring body materials in ABS plastic or metal to the option of integrating both the electric ring and the fluid joint into a single element to 1 or more passages for liquids and gases, with the particularity of being able to simultaneously transmit power and electrical signals, liquids and gases, as well as optical signals via fibre.
Operating temperatures can also be a problem: hence solutions available that extend the operating temperature upwards or downwards.
Finally, explosion proof versions with ATEX certification are available.

26 Luglio 2016
New waterproof Electric Rotary Joints

New waterproof Electric Rotary Joints

The SVTS B IP65 has been designed and realised in order to satisfy a specific application: the power-supply of the heating resistance and the probes signal detection aboard of the rotating weld-and-cut blades for flowpack packaging machines.

In a later stage, thanks to its great features, the high reliability, the long lasting time and cost-effectiveness, this slip ring series has been used also on many others kind of applications, such as small wind turbines, carousels, etc.

Over the years has arisen the demand for a special variation that was protected against fluids, due to the need of washing these machines with water jets or to withstand open-air exposure.

For this reason, Servotecnica has developed the SRC032M series with IP65 protection, available with 3 and 5 circuits and faston connectors.

10 Settembre 2015
Moving Head Projector

Moving Head Projector

Moving head projector are more and more used in theatres and shows.
These devices must be resistant and extremely flexible and so able to solve all kind of problems faced by lighting engineers on a daily basis.
For this reason, these projectors are equipped with a wide range of motors to manoeuvre them when quiet, smooth and high speed movements, such as the ones of tilt, pan and focus, are required.
To control the different motors and sensors, it is necessary to run the cables through the pan movement. As a consequence, the cables get twisted and the functionality is therefore effected.
To avoid either cable damage or rupture, it is necessary to use an Electric Rotary Joint (also known as Slip Rings) on the pan axis.
In cases where may be necessary to have more than one turn in both directions for making the moving head projector more flexible, Slip Rings become mandatory.

07 Settembre 2015
application notes
Cable Reels

Cable Reels

There are heaps of cable reel typologies, from simple applications for domestic use to the complex ones of harbours and offshore oil platforms.

The common link, regardless the final application, is the use of a Slip Ring.

Cable reels usually transmit power and electric signals, data and different kind of fluids; instead, in case of high frequency signals, high data rate or where a low bit error rate (BER) is required, the proper result is achieved with a fibre optic rotary joint.

Servotecnica’s product range includes electric, fluidic, fibre optic and combined (electric + fluidic + optical) rotary joints.

There are 2 types of cable reels, spring-loaded and motorised ones. In the latter case, an electric motor carries out the cables winding and unwinding operations.

In addition, for potentially explosive atmosphere applications, Servotecnica is able to supply explosion-proof ATEX EX certified Electric Rotary Joints and Servomotors.

31 Agosto 2015
application notes
Wind Turbines

Wind Turbines

To transfer the energy generated by small size and low voltage wind turbines from the electric generator (aboard the rotating pod) to the land, Slip Rings are the best solution in order to avoid any cable twist while passing through the pylon.
In this way, the pod, located on the top of the pylon that holds it, can freely rotate depending on which way the wind is blowing. Servotecnica offers specifically designed solutions for small turbines.
These are able to transfer power from few hundreds Watts to several dozens of Kilowatt, combining reliability and low-cost technology.

Our offer comes with 3 different series:




31 Agosto 2015
application notes
Bottle Labelling Machines

Bottle Labelling Machines

Bottle labelling machines are made up of a rotating carousel equipped with plates along its perimeter. The latters, thanks to either stepper or brushless motors, set the bottles placed on them in rotation.

The bottles are usually both moved forward and evenly spaced through a screw conveyor and so transferred on board of the carousel plates.

The rotation of the carousel brings the bottles to the labelling station and subsequently to the exit, in the meantime, the labels are picked from the warehouse, placed and wrapped around the bottles.

The labels taking and moving process towards the bottle, and the plate/carousel rotation are synchronised.

All the abovementioned synchronisation is obtained thanks to servomotors, drives and a specific software loaded on the motion control.

The majority of these components are located on board of the carousel and constantly rotate with it; for this reason, a slip ring is necessary to transfer power supply, controls and fieldbuses from the stationary structure to the rotating one.


Servotecnica’s range of products is able to transfer power supply, signals e high data-rate signals (EtherCAT, Sercos III, Powerlink, etc.) all at once.



In the event it is necessary to transfer on board fluids too, combined solutions, such as electric and fluidic rotary joints, are also available.

31 Agosto 2015
application notes
Explosion proof components - ATEX

Explosion proof components - ATEX

Many automatic applications and installations must work operate in explosion proof environments.

In this case, all components and equipment have to satisfy the Directive 94/9/EC ATEX requirements in order to avoid possible explosions.

Servotecnica is able to provide different solutions that satisfy this Directive.


Brushless servomotors with 90mm flange and 3 different lengths able to provide respectively a continuous torque of 1, 2 and 4 Nm.

Certification: ATEX II 2G Exd IIB T4

SR EX 130

Electric Rotary Joints for power, signal as well as fieldbus (100 BaseT Ethernet) transfer from a stationery structure to a continuously rotating one.

Certifiction: ATEX II 2GD Exd IIB IIC T5 Gb

28 Agosto 2015
SVTS C Profinet cable + SE Series

SVTS C Profinet cable + SE Series

Often the machines are equipped with a rotating carousel, on which you need to transfer power and electrical signals, fieldbuses and fluids.

For this reason it is necessary the use of a combined (electric + fluidic) rotary joint.

Due to tough environments, some machines require high protection rotary joints (IP 65), special connectors and stainless steel for the fluidic part.

04 Marzo 2015


It is often necessary the transfer of signals and power from a stationary structure to a rotating one with circuits able to support a significant stream of high speed data.

The most efficient solution for this purpose is an hybrid rotary union that combines a slip ring with a fibre optic rotary joint (or FORJ).

Last but not least, Fibre Optic guarantees total electromagnetic interference immunity.

03 Marzo 2015
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