• Precision gearboxes - Reckon

    We make every arc sec count. Reckon offers 1 arc-min backlash, less than 30 days delivery, helicoidal gears, in addition to compact and ready-to-use motor + gearbox solutions.
  • Outlet - Spare parts service

    Servotecnica offers you a wide range of Spare Parts from the main motion brands of the past. Check online: brands, stock availability and prices.
  • Success Story / Linear Motors for Flatbed Digital Printers

    Motori Lineari per Stampanti Digitali Flatbed-tecnotion
    The Linear Motor choice is crucial to the success of a Digital Printer.
    NoeCha, an Italian producer of Large format Digital Printing Machines, chose Tecnotion's technology distributed by Servotecnica.
  • Digital Drives - INGENIA

    INGENIA is committed to the studies of new Motion Control solutions from 2006. The technical team's innovation capability, brought the company to create a lot of buzz in the Motion Control world. Part of this buzz is made no doubt by the vibes you can feel inside the headqorters located in Barcelona, Spain.
  • The widest range of Rotary Joints

    Rotary joints
    Our Rotary Joint offer varies from standard to through-bore, suitable for high frequency and high data rate transmission rather than electrical power and able to endure in hostile environments or at high speed and more.
  • Servomotors - from low to high power motors

    Our wide range of Servomotors stands out on constructive technologies and power range. Our catalog guarantees to our client to find a solution for every motion need: from stepper to CC to Brushless motors, from 6mm diameter to an axis height of 240mm.

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Perché decentralizzare il Motion Control?
Limite di velocità motore passo passo
Project Work Politecnico di Milano con Riccardo Francazi, Luca Bascetta, Giacomo Parigi, Massimo Redaelli e Luca Fusi

Project Work PoliMi

27 Luglio 2018
Motori Lineari Tecnotion per Stampanti digitali largo formato
application notes
L'encoder più robusto al mondo

L'encoder più robusto al mondo

Zettlex announces a new range of 58mm Shaft IncOders – the world’s toughest encoder. IncOders are non-contact devices for precise angle measurement in harsh environments.
08 Febbraio 2018
Riduttori Epicicloidali - Reckon

X-Treme Series

05 Febbraio 2018
Dual loop: Advanced Control Techniques for Real World Drivetrains

Dual loop: Advanced Control Techniques for Real World Drivetrains

The solution to maintaining system stability while compensating for errors in a drivetrain is to use a dual feedback configuration or dual loop. This combines the stability that is inherent with feedback directly coupled to the drive motor with the added information from the load encoder. This results in the ability to position a load accurately, despite an imperfect drivetrain.
26 Gennaio 2018
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Nuovi PLC Serie Extreme by LSIS

New PLC Extreme Series

24 Gennaio 2018
Serie SQM

Serie SQM

16 Gennaio 2018
New Linear Micromotor LM 1483

New Linear Micromotor LM 1483

FAULHABER has extended the successful Linear DC-Servomotor product family with the new LM 1483. The new LM 1483, with a continuous force of 6.2 N and a peak force up to 18.4 N, fits perfectly in to the current portfolio of FAULHABER Linear DC-Servomotors, and gives the customer a complete performance range with continuous force from 1.02 N to 9.2 N and a peak force from 2.74 N up to 27.6 N.
15 Gennaio 2018
MIS171-MIS176 Programmable Integrated ServoStep Motors with Closed-Loop, Ethernet, multiturn encoder

New integrated Stepper Motors with closed loop, Ethernet and multiturn encoder

MIS171-MIS176 QuickStep - NEMA17 Programmable Integrated ServoStep Motors with Closed-Loop, Ethernet, multiturn encoder
05 Dicembre 2017

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