Moving Head Projector

Electric Rotary Joints

Moving Head Projector
Moving Head Projector
Moving head projector are more and more used in theatres and shows.
These devices must be resistant and extremely flexible and so able to solve all kind of problems faced by lighting engineers on a daily basis.
For this reason, these projectors are equipped with a wide range of motors to manoeuvre them when quiet, smooth and high speed movements, such as the ones of tilt, pan and focus, are required.
To control the different motors and sensors, it is necessary to run the cables through the pan movement. As a consequence, the cables get twisted and the functionality is therefore effected.
To avoid either cable damage or rupture, it is necessary to use an Electric Rotary Joint (also known as Slip Rings) on the pan axis.
In cases where may be necessary to have more than one turn in both directions for making the moving head projector more flexible, Slip Rings become mandatory.

  • Electric Rotary Joints
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